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Why Choosing Good Plumbers Columbia MD Matters

You want to receive the best service possible from plumbers Columbia MD right? You have a water heater that’s been blown. It’s not working anymore and needs to be replaced. It can’t handle the stress of the several years heating your 30 minute hot shower sessions. You could have a toilet system that’s been worn out from your daily Mexican food intake. You could have called another plumber in the area to “fix” your original problem, and they actually created more problems!

We’ve heard it all and we know our plumbers Columbia MD won’t be the guys to fail you. We’ve got plenty of years (more than 20 years actually), clean up messes for people all across Maryland, Virginia and the DC metro area. We know that you’ve got plenty of guys you could choose from though! So what are some of the cautious signs to watch out for from other plumbing companies?

The Strictness of Their Schedule

Plumbing contractors need to be well-defined with their schedule. Many of these guys will use a plethora of excuses to explain why they will show up tardy to jobs, or why they can’t give a specific time to show up. Some of these reasons include…

  • “We ran into something unexpected with another job and needed to finish that up.”
  • “Traffic was terrible and I just got to you.”
  • “Google maps took me somewhere else.”
  • “I tried to squeeze in another job that was on the way to your place.”


While there may be merit for circumstances that are out of our control, we can use these reasons as validation for poor customer service. And let me tell you, it is poor customer service to schedule an appointment with a contractor and they end up showing up two hours late for the appointment. We’ve heard this before from other contractors.


The Communication of the Work

Whenever you hire a company for plumbers Columbia MD to visit your home, you’d expect at least a little bit of clarity with communication correct? Well this isn’t an automatic case with plumbing companies, or really any contractor for that matter. Contractors usually have a lot to juggle throughout their days. Customers are calling all day for estimates and bids. Employees are not following instructions and they need to be reprimanded. Vendors and other contractors they work with are not following planned timetables. Weather literally gets in the way of the project. There’s plenty that happens in a contractor’s world.

What this unfortunately does is cause contractors to be lackadaisical in their communication skills. They won’t be as courteous or cordial in speaking with customers. It seems that a lot of plumbers Columbia MD and other contractors lack in the verbal communication department. Thankfully, we’ve seen the troubling signs. QSP Plumbing Services takes great care to train up our team to always be good at communicating clear expectations and procedures with our customers. From the simple steps of smiling when spoken to, it all counts!


The Clarity of Pricing

This may be the worst one of all. If a contractor is willing to ballpark a price to you over the phone, do not trust him. Contractors need to visit your property and provide an in-depth inspection. They need their eyes on the situation. It’s like if an eye doctor prescribed you medication over the phone without using any tools or visual diagnosis to solve the problem. How is this helpful?

Once the plumbers Columbia MD visit your home, they actually get to see the problem and find out that it’s a “little bit bigger than expected.” Then the price for the fix jumps up several hundred dollars and now you’re asking for grandma to flip the bill for you. We do not want your grandma to be responsible for paying your plumbing bills!

A Word from the Owner

20 years ago, we entered this industry as service plumbers; we are dedicated to providing quality performance to ensure we meet our clients’ and communities’ plumbing needs. We have recently expanded our training and knowledge from only plumbing in order to better assess and fulfill our clients’ needs- from a leaky faucet to repiping an entire house. We have updated our services to now additionally include: remodeling, construction, sewer and water replacement services.

Because while we started as just a service company, we realize that this area is BOOMING. The east coast and DC metro area is absolutely exploding with growth. This means new residents and property developers need trustworthy Plumbers Columbia MD to provide remodeling work for improved homes. They need construction work for custom homes or homebuilders to bring in new residents. They need sewers and water lines installed so that each new resident can have smooth, clean drinking water.

We wanted to create a brand of our own and provide excellent service throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Virginia. This is implemented through creating direct and efficient dialog between servicer and client. We create a line of open communication by addressing issues and concerns, and educating our clients about their specific plumbing matters. Taking pride in what we do, we continue to strive for our goal to go above and beyond each and every time, so that we can maintain both our high standards and lasting customer relationships.

We are specialized in hot water heater installments or replacements, tankless water heaters, plumbing rough-ins for remodeling, new construction and professional gas fittings. It has taken us a long way to become a quality, professional plumbing company that continues to hold and work towards high standards to exceed the industry expectations. Give QSP Plumbing, your neighborhood plumber, a call today for all your quality professional service needs!

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