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Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposal not disposing?

A common misconception is that garbage disposals can consume anything, but even the newest disposal units have limitations and lifespans. 

The garbage disposal is a small electric motor with spinning impellers that turns solid food items into liquids so they can run down the drain without causing a clog. Over time, though, garbage disposals can get jammed, dirty, dull and worn down, or broken.

You Have a Problem If….

For any garbage disposal problem, our experienced QSP plumbing technicians will inspect, diagnose, and resolve the issue while keeping you in the loop and providing upfront pricing. They may also recommend some improvements or tips that will keep your garbage disposal from acting up again.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Like any part of a solid plumbing system, understanding how to care for your disposal will help you prolong its life and avoid unnecessary bills. 

  1. First, be mindful of what you put down the garbage disposal. The small motor can handle most organic matter, but put these food items in the trash instead:
  1. Clean your garbage disposal regularly, too. Run soapy, hot water down your disposal multiple times per month to prevent foul odors or clogs. If the disposal is making a noise, turn it off, then remove any items that the garbage disposal couldn’t destroy.
  2. Try resetting. On the bottom of every garbage disposal is a reset button. If the motor jams, turn off the disposal and press this button.
  3. If you think it’s a clogging issue, the bottom of the garbage disposal should also have an area you can open with a hex wrench to clear out any jammed items.   

If the system is still not working properly, it’s making weird noises, or still smelling funky, then it’s time to call the professionals. QSP Plumbing Services can quickly assess what’s wrong and take care of most problems in no time at all!

Get the Upgrade

Looking for the latest in garbage disposals for a new project? QSP Plumbing Services will replace your current disposal with the upgrade of your choice, enhancing your kitchen efficiency and giving your sink that new sparkle.