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Hose Bibbs

What is a Hose Bibb?

Hose bibbs are an important part of all outdoor activities that require water, from washing your car to watering the flowers. These small, outdoor faucets allow you to connect a hose to your water line and are much, much more convenient than lugging buckets of water from the kitchen out to the yard.

Constantly being exposed to all four seasons can wear down these hose bibbs so they degrade over time and lose their seal. If you’re noticing leaks and poor hose connections, it might be time for a hose bibb repair or replacement.

Call an Expert

It might seem simple, but diagnosing and replacing an exterior hose bibb on your own can be a very frustrating endeavor. Being exposed to the weather not only wears bibbs down, it also fuses parts together, making a bibb very hard to take apart and easy to break. 

QSP experts help you identify the problem and resolve it with expertise and specialized tools. Sometimes your technician will make an easy stem washer replacement, and other times a full hose bibb replacement is needed when the unit has completely degraded past the point of use. Whatever the problem, we’ll find the right fit and get your water running again.

Winterization Tip

Most hose bibbs have an interior shutoff valve that stops the flow of water outside the house. You’ll want to do this before winter so that the water doesn’t freeze and burst the hose bibb. 

Typically, the interior shutoff valve is under your sink. As winter approaches, remove any attached hoses from the exterior bibb, turn off the interior shutoff valve, and then open the exterior hose bibb. This allows any remaining water to flow out, protecting the bibb throughout the winter season.