Expert Backflow Testing Services in Jessup

Backflow prevention protects your home’s water supply and your family’s health. Call the backflow prevention experts at QSP Plumbing Services in Howard and Anne Arundel County today.
Backflow can contaminate your home’s water supply, putting your family at risk. QSP Plumbing Services is the local backflow prevention expert with over two decades of experience. We’re dedicated to providing high-quality services at affordable prices. Get in touch with us today.
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Backflow Prevention in Jessup

Backflow prevention protects your water supply against contamination by stopping reverse water flow from entering your house. Backflow happens when there’s a sudden water pressure drop in the plumbing system, causing contaminated (non-potable) water to flow into the potable water supply. To guard against this, we can install a backwater valve to ensure the water flow remains unidirectional, from the clean water supply to the various outlets like faucets, showers, and appliances. While some appliances have backflow prevention devices built in, installing a main valve for total protection is safer all around.

Why You Need a Plumber for Backflow Prevention

You might be tempted to install a backwater valve yourself, but it’s better and sometimes required to hire a professional plumber, and here’s why.

Expertise: Installing a backflow system to keep your water supply safe is more complicated than people think. Installing, testing, and maintaining these systems require experience and an understanding of local codes and regulations.

Regulations and Codes: Many municipalities have rules and codes governing backflow prevention to ensure a healthy and safe water supply. Plumbers are familiar with the local codes to ensure your system is safe and functioning correctly.

Proper Installation: Backwater prevention doesn’t work if the valve is installed incorrectly. Plumbers have the training, experience, and proper tools to ensure these devices are installed correctly and are in good working condition.

Testing, Repairs, and Maintenance: Backflow preventers require routine testing, maintenance, and repairs to ensure they function correctly to keep the water supply safe. Many professional plumbers offer backflow testing services so you can have peace of mind knowing the system is working.

Backflow Repair: When a backflow incident occurs or a device fails, you need a plumber you can rely on for fast repairs to minimize contamination and restore clean water.

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Do I Need Backflow Prevention?

If you own or manage a commercial property like an apartment, the Health Department may require backflow installation and testing to ensure your residents, workers, and customers are safe. However, the average homeowner can benefit too. Call us today for more information.
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